Tricks For Beautiful Nail Art


When you do your nails all by yourself, eventually, you will learn a lot of different tricks and techniques for making your nail art perfect and interesting. I want to show you a nail art, which includes in it a lot of tricks, techniques and designs. Take a look and make sure that you have some free time to make it right. Let’s get started:

  1. Your first job is to prepare the nails for the decoration. Firstly, remove the dry cuticles around the nails. Use a cuticle oil to soften the skin, then use cuticle scissors or just a wooden stick and rub the nails and the skin around in order to remove the small cuticles. Then wash the hands and moisturize with hand cream. Wait a little bit until the cream absorbs into the skin and clear the nails with a cotton swab dipped in white apple vinegar. Clean only the nails.
  2. Then file the nails into a proper shape. Here is used the square shape, but if you like other shape and if you have long nails, you can choose whatever you like. But keep in mind that the square shape will be a perfect match for the style of this nail art.
  3. Now apply a primer to the nails – a base coat. The base coat can be every nail polish products, which doesn’t contain any color. Wait for the base coat to dry completely before you move to the next step.
  4. Stick a strip in the middle of the nail, horizontally.
  5. Now rub petroleum jelly to the skin around the nails. This will help you clean the mess afterwards.
  6. Then put a drop of the desired color into a bowl full of water and spritz with water over the nail polish dot.
  7. Then dip your fingers into the bowl.
  8. Remove the strip and stick several decorating balls on the nude line.
  9. Lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.


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