Tricks To Make Your Lipstick Last


You should already know that the number one hottest trend this year was and still is the dark lip! All the biggest celebrities rocked it and many people used them as inspiration for their own signature dark lip look. Lipstick in darker shades is the perfect finishing touch to a festive winter look so we decided that we want to help those of you who are going for a bold lip and give you some tips on how to keep the lipstick on your lips for as long as possible!

Here are just some of the tips we have collected:

When you apply lipstick, you apply the lip pencil first and then the lipstick, right? From now on, try and adding the lip pencil after the lipstick. This will make the two products fade at the same time which will save you from getting a „ring“ around your mouth and will make the look more natural.

Lip liner shouldn‘t be used for creating your own idea of lips. You should only outline your  lips and not change the way they look. This will keep your lips more natural and your lipstick – where it should be. Also, applying lipstick only on your lips and not where your outlines are will make it last much longer!

The oldest trick in the book for a lasting lipstick look is using setting powder to lock the lipstick in. Apply your favorite shade, blot with a tissue and then run setting powder over your lips (without applying too much product, of course). Apply one more layer of lipstick and you‘re done!

If you want to look as if you have big, pouty lips, consider applying lip gloss over the lipstick. Lips gloss reflects light and visually enhance your lips. On the other hand, matte lipsticks tend to make the lips look slimmer. Some if you want Angelina Jolie‘s lips, but don‘t have money for Botox, try using your favorite lip gloss – it might just do the work!

Applying lipstick with your finger or with a brush is a great way to make it last! The key in this method is the amount of lipstick you apply on your lips. When you apply it directly from the tube, you tend to use a lot more than you need and it‘s harder to set. When you use a brush or your finger, you apply just the right amount for your lips to be covered and you can be sure that the lipstick will stay one for a longer period of time!

© Subbotina Anna