Tutorial For Ice Cream Chignon


As the summer is at its highest peak, we should get inspired by the environment around us to create different styles, designs and decorations. The nails must be flawless, the makeup must be flawless and the hair must be flawless as well. B

ut don’t forget the skin as well. In fact, the summer is the time when we are showing off our bodies the most, which means that every little part of your look is exposed to serve as a theme for discussion:

  • Is your hair in good condition;

  • How do you protect the skin from the sun;

  • What’s the condition of your nail art;

  • Is your mascara smudging and melting all around your eyes?

These questions are important enough to neglect them. So, today I want to show you a simple way to look not-so-simple. Meet the hairstyle that is inspired by the shape of the most favorite food in the summer – the Ice Cream Chignon. It is twisted, it is fluffy, it is gorgeous! Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one:

  1. Even though the hair will be tied into a bun, the roots must be clean. So, you have two possible options for the first step – wash your hair or apply dry shampoo. Either ways, you will have to blow it in order to create nice, thick and natural looking volume of the hair.

  2. Then gather the hair at the back and tie it into a low ponytail. Tie it tightly.

  3. Hide the hair band with a small strand of hair. Secure it with bobby pin underneath the tail.

  4. Tease the whole tail with a brush or a comb in order to create big, fluffy volume.

  5. Take a thick strand of hair (the longest one) and twist it.

  6. Roll that strand around the fluffy tail.

  7. Then roll up this twist and secure with bobby pins.

Enjoy your gorgeous low bun!