What Are The Biggest Hair Care Mistakes You Often Do


When watching TV it is inevitable to watch the commercials as well, no matter how much you are trying to avoid them. And these commercials not only make us buy their products, but they make us want to look like the people on the commercial.

One of the most common characters women wants to look like are the ones presenting strong, shiny and glamorous hair. Who does not want to have perfect hair?!

The tricky part, however, is how to make your hair look so stunning. There is so much information about how to treat your hair that you try every single method you hear about, that is the end your hair looks even worse. So what is that you do wrong?

Here are the biggest hair care mistakes that you should stop making.

  1. Not brushing your hair before washing it

If you are in a hurry early in the morning, you probably won’t have time to brush your hair before washing it, or you think that there is not point brushing it twice – before and after the shower. However, you must know that when the hair is wet is more fragile and more prone to breakage.

If you want it to be stronger, brush it before taking a shower, and after it, it won’t be so tangled. You can also brush it in the middle of the shower after you have applied conditioner. It will help your hair not only look shinier, but it will be more easily brushed. But remember to apply conditioner only on the ends of your hair, and never in the roots, because you will make your hair greasier.

2. Brushing only the ends

This is another very common mistake. When the natural oils from the roots of your hair do not reach the ends of it, your hair gets drier and you get split ends. Then your hair gets tangled mostly there.

However, just because the ends of your hair get tangled, this does not mean that you should brush only them. Brushing your hair from roots to bottom you spread its natural oils evenly and you also massage your scalp. This makes you feel relaxed as well.

3. Washing your hair too often

Being a clean freak could be a positive feature, but not when it comes to your hair. Remember one very important rule: you should not wash your hair every day. You probably do not want your hair to look greasy, but this is not healthy for your hair.

The more you wash your hair, the more you do not give an opportunity for the natural oils for your scalp to reach your hair. And they are actually helpful and your hair needs them. So, from time to time give your hair a break from the shampoo. You can create some pretty great hairstyles even. Think of Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle at this year’s Oscars.

  1. Drying your hair woo much with a towel

You have probably heard that drying your hair with a hairdryer is absolutely devastating for your hair, because it dries away some of its own water. So, another thing that women do is to substitute the hairdryer with a towel.

However, what most women do when they want their hair to get dry more quickly, is to very intensively wrap it in a towel, or toss it back and forth. You should have in mind, however, that this is wrong, because when your hair is wet is more prone to breakage and you can easily do it without even thinking about it.

Instead, you’d better just carefully and loosely wrap a towel around your hair and wait it to get dry by itself.

5 Using a hot iron on damp hair

Or even worse, using hot irons on wet hair. If you are used to doing it, stop it immediately if you want to have beautiful and strong hair. As it is mentioned earlier in the article, when your hair is wet it needs protection as never before.

Using heat to stimulate the process of drying is bad, but using heat to create a hairstyle when your hair is damp, is even worse. If you are used to doing this, and you cannot avoid using hot irons on your damp hair, at least try some heat protection products, like sprays, that will reduce the negative effect of the heat.

6 Teasing your hair

Having volume in your hair is probably the second most desired thing when it comes to hair. There is no doubt that it looks beautiful, but some methods which are used to add volume to the hair are quite damaging for the hair, like teasing it.

Never ever do this again if you want to have strong hair. Instead, you should use proven products for volume, like shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks.