When Less is More


I am in love with that no-makeup makeup trend. Basically, because I am so clumsy at applying makeup that I almost never wear nothing but a mascara. But the no-makeup makeup allows me to teach myself, while looking great. The basic rule about the no-makeup makeup is only to enhance the best features of your face and to hide the ones that you doesn’t enjoy so much. Check out this great tutorial for applying makeup that is slightly showing that there is something over your eyes. Just follow the steps:

You will need:

  • Eye shadow that is lighter than the color of your lids;
  • Eye shadow that is slightly darker than your lids, for instance, soft brown;
  • Black eye shadow;
  • Flat liner brush;
  • Mascara.
  1. Apply a lid primer so the shadows will be held in place.
  2. Apply the light shadow all over the lid, but don’t cross the crease.
  3. Then apply the soft brown shadow on the crease and smudge.
  4. Draw the cat-eye liner with the flat brush and the black shadow.
  5. Enhance the bottom lash line too, but only cover the half of the bottom lash line, leave the waterline nude. And if you want to make the eye look even bigger, you can apply on the bottom waterline a white or nude eye pencil. That will make the eye look wide open and brighter.
  6. Add just a hint of a highlight on the inner corner of the eye.
  7. Then finish the whole makeup design with a coat of mascara. Skip the coat on the bottom lashes, leave them uncovered.
  8. You can see the great effect that is created by this design of eye makeup. It is easy to be arranged and you will look natural and extremely beautiful. Keep up with the makeup trends (and not only) and you will look amazing for all your days. Have fun!

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