White Shirt? Why Not!


White shirts are the inevitable classic. They are appropriate for work, leisure, beach, travel – basically anything. You must just find your right fit and you will be rocking it in no time!
There are a couple of types of white shirts – fitted, oversized, boyfriends, tunic. Probably many more. But those are enough. One can never have too many shirts and a white one (or two) could perfectly compliment your wardrobe. Because let’s face – without basics you can’t live a good life!
So once you put on the so perfect shirt shirt, what could it be paired with? Almost anything. But here are a couple of suggestions, that you could try.

Boyfriend jeans
Oversized white shirt with boyfriend jeans and some heeled ankle booties. It is a simple look, yet perfect. You can’t mess anything up with it. Just put on a big necklace. And a colorful bag. If it is chilly outside pair with a leather jacket.

Colorful/striped pants
So what could work better with some colorful tailored pants. Or for example slim ones with strpes? Or figures. Or whatever. Well they will be best combined with with fitted white shirt. Combine with some heels and you have a perfect outfit.

Whatever leather piece of clothing you decide to combine with a white button up, you won’t make a mistake. For the jacket – well, we already know it will work. For the bottoms though how do you think? A perfect pairing would be a leather skirt or shirts. Asymmetrical shorts are in trend right now and will be complimented by a white shirt.

Sequins and metallic
Metallic and sequins could benefit greatly from something simple. Also they are in trend this spring. Big designer and also most major clothing stores have sequined or metallic pieces in their spring collections. If you want to go with a pant – look for a slim goldish metallic one. Pair it with the white shirt we are talking about and some black high top Converse shoes. And as it goes for the sequins – they could be way too much. So a white shirt will tone them down. Try out a pencil sequin skirt.

Any type of cardigan especially a longer or more colorful one would be benefited from a white shirt. Button it all the way up. Put on the cardigan and roll up its sleeves, so that the calf of the shirt could be seen. Then combine with jeans and some booties or heels – depending on where you are going.