5 Steps For Bigger Looking Eyes with Mascara


Before the 5-steps routine of makeup application that will make the eyes look bigger, you should go through a preparing procedure. Which includes:

  • Brows shaping and coloring;
  • Primer on the lids;
  • Base color on the lids.

It is important to take care of these preparing steps, because they will guarantee you long lasting and better looking whole makeup. So be wise and don’t skip the preparing procedure of the eyes.

And finally, we can get started with the application of the makeup design that will create the effect of bigger looking eyes.

Step one:

Dry out the bottom waterline with cotton swab. Be gentle and pull down the bottom lid a little bit to make it easier to run the cotton swab over the waterline. And when the waterline is dry, it will be easier for the white color to stick on the dry surface. Trace the bottom waterline with white colored eye pencil.

Step two:

Cover the bottom lid with smudged gray line. Use pearl color to create sparkly look of the makeup. Don’t trace the whole length of the bottom lid. Leave the inner 2/3 of it nude. This is another trick that will make the eye look bigger.

Step three:

Cover the top lash line with the same gray color. Make the line smudged and subtle.

Step four:

Now you have to remove any mistake and smudges from the under eye area with Q-tip dipped in makeup remover. You can do this step only if there is no foundation and powder on your skin. Otherwise, just use concealer to hide the mistakes and the smudges.

Step five:

Finish the look with a thick layer of mascara both on the top and the bottom lash lines.

All done! If you followed the steps strictly, you should end up with bigger looking eyes, just like the result in the picture down below. Enjoy!


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