Barbie Doll Makeup Look


Most of the little girls play with Barbie dolls or any other kind of dolls, but the Barbie ones are famous too. I’m sure that you also had played with Barbie dolls when you were little. And now, that we are all grownups, we play with different toys – like makeup brushes, foundations, eyeshadows, mascara and other. And when the childhood meets the grown up’ toys, incredible results happen – like this Barbie-like eye makeup. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps one by one if you want to achieve the same results. Here we go:

  • The good makeup relies a lot on the preparing steps, which means that you must take care of these preparing steps, which are: The primer and The brows.
  • The primer will hold the makeup right where you have put it – no smudging, no blending. So, you definitely must put a primer, especially when the makeup requires a little bit more than just a liner.
  • The brows are the frame of the face, which means that they are noticeable and you should do everything you can in order to look great, and this leads to the shaping and coloring of the eyebrows. If done right, they will flatter not only the eye makeup, but the whole look of the facial makeup, so be careful and make them perfect.
  • Now we can move to the actual application of the makeup. Start with a light pink-purple color and apply it on the top and bottom lids.
  • Then highlight the brow bone with white shimmer. Highlight the inner corner of the eye as well.
  • Apply a black liner only on the top lash line, but don’t extend it to a wing.
  • Apply mascara on the top lashes.
  • Then paint the bottom lashes one by one with a thin brush.