Be Brave And Apply Bright Colors On Your Lids


Bright colored eye makeup designs are usually complex and they require many tools and products. So, let me show you every single step one by one and if you want to achieve this look, you should follow them. Here we go:

  • I like to prepare the brows first, because they are an important part of the whole makeup. You can’t create a beautiful masterpiece without putting it into beautiful frame. And the well-prepared brows are exactly the same – beautiful frame for the beautiful work on your lids. So, take your brow kit, line the brows and fill them with proper color. And the first step is done!

  • Then prepare the lids with primer. It will create a good base for the makeup, on which it will stay all day long. So, don’t hesitate, brush the primer on the lids.

  • Don’t forget to highlight the brow bone. Or you can highlight the entire area under the brows. Use a soft, light pencil and smudge it with sponge or finger.

  • All these were preparing steps, but now we can start with the actual application of the makeup. First, let’s enhance the crease with black liner. Trace it and finish the line wit ha flick. Use liquid liner and angled, flat brush for the application of this line. This little trick will make the eyes look bigger.

  • Then apply gray color above the black line. Smoke it out with a round brush.

  • Fill in the lid with (under the black line) with silver shimmer. Fill in only the inner corner of the lid.

  • Then cover the middle of the lid with turquoise shimmer.

  • And finally, apply dark purple shimmer at the outer corner of the lid.

  • Merge the colors together and wrap them with black smoky V shape.

  • Enhance the bottom lid with colors as well.

  • Finish the look with liner and mascara.


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