Because Glitter is Everything!


Makeup is a major part of any girls life. We apply it every day, although in different diversions and forms. It is there.
When you have an upcoming event – a party, a girls night out or whatever is time to change your routine a little bit and do something special. For nights out the most common makeup is the smokey eye. But there is something way too common in the smokey eye.
Once in a while thee is the need to change up a little bit what we do for those special nights. There is no need to do something over the top, because simple is good.
Everyone needs some glitter in their life in one point or another. Glitter is quite a beautiful thing and  it can make all the difference in a makeup routine.
So why not give it a go for that party you were planning?

  • Start by applying the base to your face you normally do. I am talking about foundation, defining eyebrows, blush. And everything else you do.
  • Apply primer to the lid. Primer is important. Especially in the glitter department. It give a great and strong base to the eye. It prevents smudges (which will be helpful with the eyeliner and also glitter) and it will definitely keep you makeup on for way longer.
  • Then grab your eyeliner. It should be a powdery or creamy one. Whichever you prefer.
  • With an angled brush draw a line starting at the inner corner or the eye right at the upper lashline. Draw the line until you get to the outer corner, while making it thicker. Then make a wing at the outer corner, so that you kind of achieve the cat eye look.
  • Continue with the eyeliner at the bottom lashline. Draw a line that starts at the middle of the eye and ends where it is connected with the wing.
  • Now here comes the special part. You should have a pigment silver glitter or something similar that you like. With a brush apply some glitter on the upper lid. It could be applied right after the eyeliner. Draw a line.
  • And that is all. You have your perfect ready for a party look. Enjoy!