Inverse Smoky Eye


You know the Smoky eye effect, right? This intense and heavy makeup is gorgeous and stylish. The basic rule is simple: apply the color and blend, apply the color and blend. That’s it. The color is getting transparent as you go to the outer corner of the eye. The choice of the color is all up to you, but you should consider the shape of your eyes and the color, also the color of your hair and your skin complexion. But the most famous smoky eye is made with black eye shadow or eye pencil, according to the style of the makeup.
But today I want to show you another style of the this gorgeous smoky makeup. It’s an inverse smoky design. The blended are is on the inside corner of the lid and the flick at the outer corner of the eye is fully saturated. Take a look at the tutorial and if you like what you see, try to apply it onto your eyes, just follow the steps:

  1. First of all, apply a primer to the lids. You know that the primer is essential for elongating the life of the makeup, or even the life of the nail art when you apply a primer base. But the layer of a primer has also health benefits for your skin and nail. When applied on the face, it protects the pores from clogging, which prevents blackheads, large pores and acne. And when you have a primer on your nails, beneath the dark nail polishes, it prevents yellowing of the nails.
  2. Once the primer is set and absorbed in the lids you can continue with the makeup. Make the eyeshadow shape by using a flat brush to draw the guideline.  Follow the line of the crease from the very inner corner of the eye and make a flick at the outer corner of the eye.
  3. Then fill in that flick with black shadow or eye pencil and smudge the color to the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Finish this design with eyeliner and mascara.