Blue Dreamy Eyes


First of all, I want you to pay attention to the brows. I’m sure that you have noticed that the bottom edge is way too precise and it is noticeable that the brow is strongly colored, which is not the purpose the brows coloring.

The purpose of the brows coloring is to enhance them enough so they won’t fade away because of the coverage products on the face and because of the intense eye makeup. The point is to color the brows in a way that looks natural, but when you use too much material, or when you put too much pressure on the pencil, the color buildups and the eyebrow look unnatural. You have two options here, you can smudge the edge if it is possible or you can erase the intense line and apply another one that is more subtle and natural-looking. I hope you will take a note and fix the mistakes when they appear.

But now, let’s pay attention to the lids. I want you to flatter the color of your eyes with this makeup design. The basic technique is to use light color at the center of the lid and the dark color above the crease in order to create a depth. Choose blue or purple color for the blue eyes, green or brown color for the green eyes and green and brown color again in the brown eyes. Check out the tutorial:

  • Prepare the lids with a primer.
  • Then apply baby blue translucent color to the lids and white matte shadow to the brow bone.
  • Apply sky blue to the outer half of the lid and draw a V shape.
  • Trace the top lash line with black liner and finish it with a flick under the blue V shape.
  • Apply a black curved line at the crease and smudge it upwards.
  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara.