Blue Sparkle Of Your Eyes


If you have colorful eyes, you have to learn how to enhance them with the right colors of eyeshadows. The easiest way is to copy the color of your pupils and transfer it on your lids into combinations with other color. Down below you will find a tutorial which is doing the exact thing that I just described. Take a look at the steps and if you like the design, you can make it with your own eyes, only switch the color according to your eyes. Here we go:

  • As usual, start with the brows. This eye makeup is bold and dark and you should flatter it with bold and dark eyebrows as well. Of course, match the color of the brows with the color of the hair, otherwise they will look absolutely unnatural.
  • Then prepare the lids with a primer. If you don’t have a lid primer, you can always use a concealer, but it will be better of the concealer is oil-free. The priming of the lids is preventing any smudging and creasing.
  • Then cover the whole lid with black color. You can use kohl pencil or liquid eyeshadow. Smooth the edges with a brush and create a V shape at the outer corner of the lid.
  • Then trace the bottom lid the same way – first apply the color and then smudge it with a brush.
  • Then apply blue summer all over the black color and a little bit out of the black shape.
  • Then smudge the edges with even brighter shimmer at the inner corner of the eye and all around the blue lid.
  • You can apply purple color at the bottom lid, because it is a great match for the blue color.
  • Finish the look with black eye liner at the top lash line, the bottom lash line and the bottom waterline.
  • Apply mascara.