Colorful Makeup


We all know that the summer makes us like the bright colors more. It is all because of the light. The sunlight makes the colors pop out. I have a friend with blue eyes and when the sky is clear and the sun is bright, her eyes sparkle like neon lights. Her whole look changes, her mood boost up and she turns into the most beautiful creature in the world.

I think that the sun is the main reason why we love colors so much during the summer.

Today I want to show you a feminine makeup with two gentle colors – pink and blue.

These colors are a great match and you can easily combine them in a summer makeup design. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one in order to achieve the same result as the one in the picture down below. Here we go:

  • Shape and fill in with color the eyebrows first. You can’t leave the brows nude, because they will look pale after the application of the foundation, concealer, powder and whatever you put on your face. If the shape and the thickness of the brows is satisfying, you should just enhance them with a little bit of color. But if they are too thin and too pale, you should outline a thicker shape and then fill in that shape with proper color.
  • Continue the makeup with a preparing step – apply primer to the lids. You know that this step is needed because of the long-lasting makeup design.
  • Then apply white matte shadow all over the lid, but spread it in order to be almost transparent.
  • Then contour the crease and the top lash line with black color. Smudge.
  • Copy the shape of the black color with the blue one. Smudge again.
  • Fill in the lid with the pink color.
  • Enhance the bottom lid as well.
  • Finish the look with black liner and mascara.


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