Boost Up Your Look With Nude Makeup


 Some girls don’t apply makeup. Hey, don’t be so shocked, I don’t apply makeup on my face too. I use it only for special occasions, like going out at the club, or important job interview, otherwise, I don’t apply makeup every day. But I know a lot about makeup techniques and trends.

A huge trend these days is the nude makeup. It is perfect for the mornings when you can’t decide exactly which design to create, you just apply it and it will boost up the morning look, you will look awake instantly. And yet, no one will notice that you are wearing makeup. The secret is in the enhancing. Take a look at the steps and it will become more clear. Here we go:

  • Start with the brows, of course. Fill them in with color and highlight the brow bone. This little trick will lift up the eyes immediately.
  • Then apply a primer to the lids.
  • Set a base color – similar to the color of your lids, it could be one shade darker. Apply it all over the lids and a little bit out of the lids – at the outer corner of the eye. Use big, round brush so it will be easier with the blurred lines. Apply some of the shame color at the bottom lid too. This color should be matte.
  • Then apply the same color, but a shimmery one on the lid. Trace the bottom lid as well. Don’t cover the bottom waterline with any dark colors.
  • Apply black pencil to the outer corner of the lash lines if needed. The line must be thin and you should smudge them.
  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye and the bottom waterline with bright color.
  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara.

Done!Easy and quick!

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