Brighten up Your Makeup

beautiful makeup

Some occasions  allow fancy look, and as we mentioned the fancy look, let’s discuss it.
There are times when you want to be wild about your look, which means that you are ready for a party. Let’s discuss your whole look for a typical clubbing night:

The clothes.

First of all, analyze your body. Choose a type of cloth which flatters your body perfect. If you are tall and thin – choose rocking jeans, leather jacket and fancy top, the high heels are a must-have item for that kind of outfit. If you are tiny short girls, curvy or not, it doesn’t matter, choose a short or midi dress, but if you choose a midi, you must wear high heels, so if you are not comfortable with the high heels, stick to the short dress. If you apply the makeup I have in mine, you should choose black or white colors for your outfit.

The hairstyle.

Create volume at the top and make the hair flat and straight. Tie it into high ponytail or wear it nonchalant and unleashed. But my recommendation is to skip the curls this time. It will be just too much.

And now has come the time for the so waited makeup design.

  • Let’s skip the foundation and powder step and go straight to the brows. Shape them and fill them in with a matching color. Highlight the brow bone.
  • Prepare the lids with a primer.
  • Then stick a patch piece at the outer corner of the eye, as an extension of the bottom lash line.
  • Draw a curved line above the lid. Blend it out.
  • Fill in the lid with white matte eyeshadow.
  • Then apply a bright color that will match your outfit and apply two different shades of it – darker and brighter.
  • Merge the colors together softly by blending them in.
  • Draw a cat-eye liner.
  • Apply white shadow to the bottom waterline in order to make  eye look bigger.
  • Enhance the bottom lash line with black color too.
  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye with the white matte shadow and lock the whole design with a coat of mascara.

All done! Enjoy your look and rock out the night!