Casual Look With This No-Makeup Makeup Effect


I want to show you how to look amazing with makeup that is not noticeable at all. Take a look at the steps and follow the tips:

  • The no-makeup makeup technique is great, because it hides the flaws and the problematic areas of your face, but at the same time you look like you don’t have makeup at all. Personally, I think that the trend of no-makeup designs is great, mostly because I’m so clumsy with my makeup and this new trend allows me to walk around the city even without makeup sometimes.

  • The first rule is to use neutral colors, just find out which is the color of your facial skin and apply colors that are one or two shades darker or lighten than your skin.

  • For instance, use the lighter colors to highlight these areas: the inner corner of the eyes, the smile wrinkles around the mouth, the under eye areas, the bridge of the nose. If you do that, you will brighten up your look, and more importantly – you will look younger.

  • Use the darker shades for the lash lines and the crease of the eyelids. This will create depth of the eye and an effect of bigger looking eyes.

  • Another trick for the no-makeup effect is to use liquid products – liquid powder, liquid blush, liquid liner, liquid shadow.

  • Moisturize the skin a lot! The dry skin will wrinkle faster, which is not good at all.

  • Always keep the lips soft and pink, even when the natural color of the lips is gone.

  • Use concealer under your eyes if needed. Use it also to hide pimples, redness, blackheads, etc.

  • The most famous makeup product of your beauty nook must be the BB cream. It is a tinted moisturizer that will even out the skin complexion without hiding the natural blush of your cheeks.

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