Classy Makeup For a Fancy Occasion


When you put on your lids more products than just a liner, you are obligated to put a primer before the application of the shadows, otherwise they will smudge and fade away, which will make your makeup ugly and this could ruin your whole look.

Today I want to show you elegant makeup design, which can match your look for the fancy dinner you have to attend tonight. Take a look at the tutorial and follow  the steps if you want to achieve the look.

Every makeup application needs well prepared lids. The preparation includes the application of the primer, which is holding the eyeshadows right where you want them to be all day long.

When the canvas is ready, you can start the creation of your masterpiece – a formal and elegant makeup art.

  • Draw a thick cat-eye line at the top lid. Use white pencil.
  • Top it with white pearl eyeshadow. Use a flat round brush to apply this eyeshadow.
  • Then trace the top edge of the white shadow with black color. Use a flat liner brush.
  • Then draw another line at the outer corner of the lid, as elongation of the bottom lash line.
  • Smudge the top edge of the crease line.
  • Merge the colors together with a smudging small brush.
  • Trace the top lash line with black liquid liner. Draw the cat-eye flick as well.
  • Then move to the bottom lid. Now, if your eyes are small, don’t cover the bottom waterline with black color. In this case you can apply black color only on the bottom lash line. The point is to keep the waterline nude (or apply white pencil) in order to blend in with the eye, and this will make the eye appear bigger.
  • Finish the look with mascara or faux lashes.


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