Do It Like a Pro


Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so amazingly perfect? Flawless and glowing skin, perfect nails and stunning hairstyles. All that package comes to live only because of the professionals who are taking care of the celebrities’ look.

I’m sure that you can buy the same makeup products as they have. You can copy the same makeup design as they did, but there will be still a difference between your look and Emma Watson’s look. It is not true that she is prettier than you, the reason is hidden into the professional makeup artists and hair stylists – they have tricks, techniques and hacks. And here is one advice from the specialists for a flawless look:

Start with the primer!

In order to create natural looking foundation layer you have to use a primer.
In order to prevent your pores from clogging, you have to use a primer.
In order to save the makeup to last longer – you have to use a primer.
The primer is an essential step of your makeup. It is like choosing the perfect canvas for the beautiful picture you have in your head. In order to make it right, the canvas must be prepared for the work. The same rule applies with the facial makeup. You are not just covering pimples, you are creating a masterpiece. Contour here, highlight there, top it all. You know that a good look requires a lot of makeup products and the primer is the proper preparation for that.

The primer is able to make you look younger, because it fills up some fine lines and enlarged pores, which is perfect for the foundation application, because there will be no material for the light to create light shadows and make a small smile wrinkle to look like a deep canyon.
So, start with a moisturizer. The moisturizing step will reduce the chances of any dry cuticles to appear after the priming. So, apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream and let it absorb a few minutes.
Work your way with the primer from the center, to the perimeter of the face. Make sure that you are smudging well enough. A drop of primer can cover the half of your face. Use blending sponge or your fingers, but keep in mind that sponges are absorbing too much material and your expensive primer will run out sooner than you expect if you use every time a sponge. Instead of this, use your finger tips, they work perfectly as beauty tools.
The key to perfect looking skin is to wait. After the application of the primer don’t apply your foundation right away. Wait a few minutes until the primer is set and ready to be covered.
So, now you know how the pros are doing it!