Elegant & Romantic Look 


A messy hairstyle can look amazing and elegant too, your job is to make the mess organized. For instance, you can use a few curls and twists to organize your hair into a beautiful and elegant mess. Down below you will find an example for a hairstyle that need only a few tools and products to be created:

  • Hair clips;

  • Teasing comb;

  • Hair spray;

  • Curling iron;

  • Bobby pins.

Your hair has to be freshly washed and air dried. When you let the hair air dry, it is smooth and shiny. Take hair section from the bangs area, twist it and clip it. Set aside while you work with the rest of the hair.

Then tease the roots a little bit. Lift up a strand and tease the bottom side of it. Do this with the areas around the path. Don’t spritz the teased roots with hair spray. The volume will be secured, because the hair will be tied into a bun.

 Then smooth the top with a comb and tie the hair into a low ponytail. Pull out some strands – use the pointy handle of the teasing comb, in order to make the roots even fluffier.

Twist the tail and roll it into a low bun. Spritz the end of the tail with a hair spray in order make it stick to the rest of the tail. Secure with bobby pins after all, the hair spray won’t be able to hold the whole tail.

Remember that section of hair that we separated at the beginning, right? Now take it and curl it with the curling iron, but remember to apply a thermal protector.

Then attach the curly strand to the bun by wrapping it around. Secure with bobby pins again.

Finish the hairstyle by spritzing a little bit of hair spray from long distance in order to prevent any flying hairs.