Golden Dream For Your Eyes


As always, start your makeup application with a primer. This is an essential step, because the primer prepares the lids for the makeup products. This preparation will help the makeup last longer, because the primer prevents smudging and gathering of the makeup products at the crease.

  •  You can use tinted primer, or oil-free concealer to prepare the lids too.
  • Then cover the lid, below   the crease with black pencil. Smudge it with finger and if the color is too pale, reapply the black pencil and smudge again with finger. This smoky black color is the base of your makeup.
  • Then take the palette with the golden hues and choose the one you like the most. Apply it all over the lid.
  • Cover the golden glitter with bronze shimmer and spread it above the crease with a blending brush.
  • Then highlight the brow bone with nude colors.
  • Now move to the bottom lid and enhance it with colors – black pencil on the waterline. Then colder color on the lash line, which has to be covered with black color.
  • Keep in mind that the black color on the bottom waterline will make your eye look extremely small. So, if the natural size of your eyes is small, you’d better skip the step where the black pencil is applied on the bottom waterline and apply white or nude colored pencil instead. This little trick will make your eyes look bigger.
  • Then apply black cat-eye liner to the top lash line. This is allowed even for small eyes.
  • Apply a little bit of the golden glitter at the inner corner of the eye. This will work as a highlighter.
  • Dust out the colors with a round brush dipped in black matte shadow.
  • Remove any smudges with a Q-tip dipper in makeup remover and then finish the look with coat of mascara.