Great Look For Fun Night – a Long Ponytail Hairstyle


Whenever you find yourself into a great mood, your obligation is to express that mood with an amazing hairstyle, makeup and outfit. Let’s say that you are having a great party for your birthday. And your only job is to make sure that you will look gorgeous. We have already talked about getting your party makeup, now its time for a joyful and party hairstyle. It is easy to be made and it will match your party dress. Take a look:

In fact, it is something like a fishbone braid, but made with hair hands and knots. It also looks like a ponytail with several buns, but stuck to the head, which makes this hairstyle a hybrid between the fishbone braid and the knotted ponytail. At first you have to stock with some hair bands. Choose the colors according to your outfit and accessories and match them.

  1. Your hair has to be freshly washed and air dried. Comb it to the back and start the actual work.
  2. Take the bangs area and tease it in order to create nice and thick volume. Secure it with bobby pins and smooth the top.
  3. Then take another layer of hair and tie it with a hair band. This ponytail is the top part of the hairstyle.
  4. The second part is the section of hair from underneath the top one.
  5. Make many ponytails as you grab hair sections and tie them with elastic hair bands. Then attach every single ponytail to the top one with bigger and colorful hair bands.
  6. Tease the tail to make it look fluffy, this will match the whole style of the Dino ponytail (great name, huh?).
  7. Your hairstyle is ready and now you can continue with the makeup, the outfit the nail art and the decoration of the house for the party. Prepare for great presents and a lot of fun with your friends. Enjoy!