Hair Color Mistakes


Recently I thought really seriously about the color changing of my hair. I have never done it before and I am a little bit afraid, because I don’t know anything about the hair coloring and then this pop out in my head – hey, maybe there are some other girls, just like me, who don’t know anything about hair coloring, but they want to do it. So, I decided to read some information about hair coloring and share it with you, take a look:

Be brave: I know it’s scary, but before doing it, you have to be absolutely sure about the change. You have to know that this decision will open up many opportunities for different styles and looks. If you are too afraid of doing a dramatic color change, you can start with just a hint of change – maybe you should try one shade darker or lighter than your natural hair color. This will make you look refreshed. First of all, you should ask for an advice from your hair stylist and then go for it. And if you like how the new color is making your skin glow or how it soften the features of your square face, you can continue with something more noticeable.

Don’t skip the glaze. The glaze is working for your hair the same way the top coat if working for your nail art – it keeps the color last longer and save it glowing between the salon visits. The glaze is actually a translucent dye, which lock the hair color for longer time and at the same time keeps the hair shining with a healthy glow.

Pick the right hair products for your colored hair. You can’t use just any kind of hair products on your hair when it is colored, especially the shampoo and the conditioner. There are specially created products for colored hair, the formula of these products is lighter and color-friendly. Otherwise the color will fade away and it is possible to create sections of your, who are colored in different shades, sometimes even the whole hair color change itself. There are two types of hair products for colored hair – ones that enhance the color and another for extending the time of the already set color.

Choose the right combination between the color and the haircut. It’s a factor that you should keep in mind when you want a color change. But the most important thing is to create good relationship with your hair stylist in order to get better advices from her/him about your hair and the way you want it to be. Often when you are not satisfied with the result, it’s because of the lack of communication between you and your stylist. You have to explain exactly how you picture the look in your head and then she/he will tell you if that is possible to be created.
So, to sum up: makeup your mind, take care of the color and speak honestly with your hair stylist and everything will be perfect!