Here is How to Unbreak Your Heart

Unbreak my heart

Broken hearts are the worst. I think that is the most cruel emotional state you can be in. I am not sure if it is easier for men than it is for women, but I am sure that it is not nice. And the faster you unbreak your heart, the better. Once you can move on with your life and do the things you want to do in your own way without feeling awful it will be good.

Moving on from something like a relationship, love or whatever is hard, but is a must once everything is over. Many people are stuck after their heart is broken and they don’t know what to do. The truth is that you can do nothing different than to unbreak your heart in a way. And this is not all about finding somebody new.

Deal with the problem ahead of time

Does his T-shirt that you sleep in remind you of him? Does his scent still feel around the house?

Unbreak your heart the easy wayThis are things that can break you down in tears.

And tears don’t help.

A feeling like that doesn’t go away easily (I am talking about the love for someone). So rather than having things to remind you of him constantly, you should probably get rid of all of them and doing it right when you know it is over is the best thing you can do for YOU.

Still sleeping in his T-shirt?

Bad idea! This will just keep on breaking you down.

A photo of a happy moment of the two of you on your desk at work?

Remove it immediately. Small thing like that will improve the process of moving on and won’t break you every day.

Let yourself cry it out and then forget all about it

Being strong, especially when you are a young woman, is important and it is something you must do. But you strength will have some limited time and then you will just break down. And so if you want to cry after he dumps you do it.

Cry it all out.

Cry it as soon as possible.

And get over the crying part faster. Then you can be strong. Once you know you have cried it all out, you become stronger and feel better, because there is just something soothing about crying after somebody has broken you heart.

Hate him if you want, but that won’t help

Unbreak heartPouring all of your hate on a person might make it feel like you are better. And you might really think that this is helping. At the end of the day that guy broke your heart and your love dreams. You are totally allowed to hate him with all of you heart.

But remember this won’t fix anything!

Rather than moving on you will be investing too much energy and time into hating him. This won’t allow your heart to heal and to move on. And don’t think that if you hate him instantly it is something you will be judged on. No, this is actually the natural way for things to happen. But if you do this you won’t do anything for yourself. You will be doing it like you are running right into a wall and hitting as hard as possible into it your head.

Good for you? No! So just try to let go of any feeling regarding the person who broke your heart.

Don’t try to date right away

Many people think that the solution to their problem after a break up is to start dating right away. And finding another person to have a relationship will make all of their broken heart problems go away.

Well, guess what – this will just make things worst. Thinking that this will fix things is absurd. This might just break someone else’s heart. And break way too much yours. Trying to make a new relationship just right after one has failed won’t work, because you will be too much stuck on your previous experience.Unbreaking heart

Once you have a broken heart and try to start dating right away you will just be in a position when you are okay with settling down for anyone or anything. Because you will be too lost in your own heart ache you won’t be looking at the person on the other side, rather than just looking for some comfort in knowing there is someone. And that is just an awful trick you will play on yourself and the other person.

Being alone for a while might not be that bad. You can do things you never had time for. Go for a spa weekend with your girlfriends. Read all those books that keep piling up. Go out for a run or a walk. Have a girls night out and drink that break up and then fill you heart with fun and things that make you happy. This will turn things around and you will soon enough feel better.

Don’t try to rebound

Trying to find a good guy for you is good. But if you are doing it only in order to rebound the person you were with, this is unhealthy for you. Yes, you will find a great guy, that will be hotter, smarter or more successful than the person, who broke you heart. And you will think that this is a great for you. And if might be for a while but you won’t really be into that relationship with the right mind. You will be in it for all the wrong reasons. And that is anything but cool.

And this will also mess up for and with you later. Because it will toxic. You won’t be able to unbreak your heart, rather than feel confident about moving on, without really making an actual step.