How To: Classical Smoky Makeup


Even girls who don’t wear makeup regularly know have heard of the Smoky eye. And in my opinion, every girl, no matter how often does she put on makeup on her face, have to know how to create a proper Smoky eye design. And I’ll tell you why my opinion about the Smoky eye is so strong:
It is the most universal makeup design. No matter what eye shape and eye size you have, no matter what color is your complexion, no matter how old are you and what color is your hair, you can always adjust the smoky makeup to your needs:

  • Make it softer and brighter for work days;
  • Make it darker and bolder for party nights;
  • Switch the colors according to your eyes size and shape and the skin tone.

But if you want to master those skills and if you want to learn how to adjust the Smoky eye makeup to different faces and different occasions, you have to know the basic rules, which will guide you through your Smoky eye mastering course. Take a look:

  1. Always start with a primer when you attempt to create the Smoky eye effect. Often the lids get too oily and ruin the makeup by gathering the shadows into the crease. The primer is preventing that to happen. Especially if you use oil-free primer.
  2. Then apply basic color to the lid, all over it, cover even the brow bone.
  3. The Smoky eye requires a lot of smudging and blending, so let’s get started. Apply a black eye shadow to the lid and smudge it.
  4. Then cover only the area below the crease with a black kohl pencil and start smudging the edges. Create a flick.
  5. Highlight the brow bone and the area under the eyes.
  6. Draw a cat-eye liner, cover the bottom waterline too.

If you are not gifted from the nature with thick long lashes, you can apply a faux set of lashes.

Done! Enjoy the look and keep practicing for better results.

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