How To Color Your Brows Permanently 


If you get too anxious about the constant shaping and filling with color your thin brows, you might find this article interesting and helpful. I’ll show you an alternative way for coloring brows, which will last at least for a month – dye your brows.

One of the most harmful and easy way to color your brows is to use henna. You might know it from the Indian culture, where the henna is used to decorate the body, as a tattoo, but it is not permanent as the tattoo ink, the henna decorations fades away after several weeks. But this powder is used also for coloring hair, even fabrics.

There are different colors, but there is also a neutral henna, which will add body and shine to the hair if you choose to use it.

Down below you will be able to see the difference between the henna colored brows and the natural brows.

The easiest way of matching the color of the brows with the color of the hair is to dye your hair with the same henna too. But if you don’t want to do that, you have to search for the color of the henna, which is closest to the natural color of your hair. Just to be sure, ask the consultant at the store or your hair stylist for an advice and recommendation about the brand and the color you want to choose.

Then, when you buy the henna, read the instructions on the package and follow them step by step. Usually you have to make a mixture of the included ingredients and then apply that mixture in a shape of a brow, it will be best if you follow the shape of your natural brow, and let it work for as many minutes as it is instructed in the package.

Why is that working?

On your brows you have a lot of thin and bright hairs, which couldn’t be seen with a naked eye and the henna is coloring these hairs and the brow becomes thicker looking and full of intense color.