Lovely Eyebrows


I know that it gets pretty annoying to remind you every time to take care of the brows, but you have to create a habit, especially when your brows are thin and hairless.

Let me show you how to shape and color your brows. But first, gather around these tools:

  • Flat angled brush;
  • Proper color for the brows;
  • Highlighter;
  • Tweezers;
  • Brow pencil;
  • Brow brush or old mascara brush (but clean).

Let’s get started:

First of all, you have to choose the proper shape for your brows according to your face.

If you have round face, you can make it look taller and narrower by making the arch of the brows high. But if your face is already long, make the shape of the brows flat. Just keep the balance between the facial features and the brows with choosing the perfect shape of the brows and the arch. But how to decide what kind of shape to draw? Here is how:

  • Place the brow pencil alongside the nose in straight line. The spot where the pencil crosses the brow is the beginning. Place a dot there.
  • Hold the pencil alongside the nose again and tilt its tip to the center of the eye’s pupil. The area where the pencil crosses the brow is the arch.
  • Tilt the pencil one more time, let it cross the outer corner of the eye – that’s the end of the brow.

Now that you have guidelines, draw the shape of the brow. If your brow is too thin, you have to thicken it.

When the shape is outlined, use the tweezers and pluck the hairs that are out of the drawn shape.

Then fill in the color of the brow with the flat angled brush.

Use a bigger brush and smudge the edges in order to make it look more natural.

Comb the brows with the brush to remove the excessive color.

Highlight the area under the brow. Blend in.