Let Out Your Inner Goddess With This Makeup


There are some designs that will make you look like a true goddess. I’m not talking about a dress or shoes, I’m talking about the little details – accessories, hairstyle, nail art and makeup. Today I’ll start with a great makeup suggestion. The combination between the colors and the shape of the makeup is stunning and it reminds of ancient times, when Cleopatra was very famous and desired. Take a look at the steps and you like the design, you can try to create it on your eyes. Here are the steps:

  • The first thing that you must consider is the condition of the eyebrows. This part of the face is extremely important for bold makeup like the one down below. The brows must frame the makeup, and in fact, the whole face. So, draw the shape, fill in with color and lock it with brow gel and then you can move to the next step.

  • Which is the preparation of the lids. You will need a primer, because it will hold the makeup from smudging and gathering at the crease, especially now, when the weather is hot outside and the body sweat is risking to ruin every design of your look that is created with makeup products.

  • When everything is prepared, you can start with the application of the makeup. First, start with a black color all over the lid, up to the crease. Create a V-shape at the outer corner of the eye.

  • Now smudge the edges of the black color with a round brush. You can pass through the crease a little bit.

  • Now you will need a golden shimmer. Apply it only at the center of the lid and then spread it with a brush.

  • Finish the look with a cat-eye liner and mascara.

  • All done! Enjoy the look!