Look Like an Actress


You can easily create a makeup design that will make you look like a true celebrity, but let first make something clear I want to achieve the look of a celebrity from their professional pictures, not the paparazzi ones. Well, we can’t the achieve the photoshoped look of the picture, but at least we can try to apply the same makeup techniques that the professionals apply on the celebrities’ faces. Let’s start this article with a few makeup tips, inspired by the gorgeous red carpet look of the some of our favorite actresses.

  • Always use a primer on your face and on your lids before the application of the makeup and the covering products, because the primer will hold the designs stay on the face all day long.

  • If you can’t find you concealer to or BB cream, just mix the foundation with the moisturizer and it will work perfectly for some light touches.
  • You can easily reduce the puffiness if you apply ice cold eye lotion to the puffiness before the application of the makeup.
  • The perfect way to apply the cat-eye flick is to apply the mascara first, because it will guide you while you draw the flick.
  • Check the lipstick color on the tip of your finger, not on the back of the hand, because the tip of the finger has similar color to the natural color of the lips.

Now let me show you a makeup tutorial. It is fancy and perfect for a celebrity look – follow the steps:

  1. As I mentioned before, prepare the lids with a primer.
  2. Trace the top lash line with a kohl black pencil. Smudge it with a brush.

  3. Top it with bronze shadow.
  4. Cover the crease with peach dark color. Blend in.
  5. Re-draw the black liner.
  6. Apply mascara.
  7. Contour the cheekbones.
  8. Apply proper lipstick color.

All done!