Makeup For Special Occasion


Today I’m in a dreamy mood. All the time I picture in my mind different situations and how do I want to look. In fact, I’m picturing surprises and gifts for my friends and family, which is not so great, because all of these require a lot of money and time, but the important thing is to have ideas in your head and one by one you will accomplish all you’ve ever dreamed of, if you put enough effort to achieve what you want.
But let’s talk more about the looks. I will describe you how I imagine the perfect makeup, hairstyle and outfit to impress your crush, which is not (yet) your boyfriend.

Let’s start with the lips. When I want to impress somebody, I have to show him my smile. I am lucky enough to have white and strong teeth, framed by plump lips. I’m not praising myself, I’m telling you that, because in my mind the perfect makeup for impressing a boy requires red lipstick. So, red lips, that’s what I’m talking about. Use lip pencil and matte lipstick to create the desirable precise and flawless look.
Then you have to pay attention to the eyes. I am a fan of the classic styles, that’s why the perfect choice for the eyes will be a cat-eye liner. See how to create this style:

  • Always start with the flick of the cat-eye style. Use a pencil or tweezers, or anything that has straight shape and use it as a guideline to make the uplift.
  • Then continue with the drawing of the lash line. Make it nice and thin.
  • Then fill in the empty flick and fix any mistakes with a concealer or thin brush dipped in makeup remover.
  • Finish the look of the eyes with a coat of mascara.
  • If the eyebrows are pale, define them with shaping and coloring.
  • I imagine that the hairstyle will fall on my shoulders in soft, wavy curls. The night will be warm and breezy and my light dress will be flattered by the warm wind.

All this sounds like a romantic movie scene. And what is your best idea for impressive look?