Makeup Tricks for Younger Look


Every woman beyond 30 years wants to look younger and fresher. This automatically leads to the conclusion that women always search for new methods and products to look younger. I think this is part of the biggest women’s dream – Stay forever young & Eat whatever you want without gaining weight!

Today we will talk about the younger look and how to achieve it with some makeup tricks. Don’t worry, I won’t force you to spend hours in front of the mirror, applying difficult makeup techniques. The tricks I’m about to show you are easy and they are more like touch-ups rather than difficult-to-achieve techniques. Take a look:

  • Let’s start from the top and then we will reach the bottom. Our first stop is the brow area. Younger girls have darker and bolder eyebrows. So, fill in your brows with proper color and then highlight the brow bone with light concealer. Smudge it. All of it has to look natural, so try not to overdo the brows.

  • Draw attention to the eyes with mascara and black pencil to the top waterline in order to make the lashes look thicker. Pull the lid gently with your thumb and trace the waterline with the pencil. While holding the lid, apply the mascara as well.

  • Now, make the lids pop out with pink-tinted lip balm. Apply it only at the center of the mouth and smudge the color with a brush.

  • Keep the foundation soft and natural. Use translucent foundation, like BB cream.

  • Use highlighter to cover fine lines and to create luminous look around the cheeks and the eyes.

  • Trace the smile wrinkles with the highlighter as well.

  • Apply soft, pink blush on the cheeks and blend it in nicely in order to become almost transparent.

  • Done!