Navy Blue Smoky Eyes


The Smoky eye effect doesn’t mean that you are obligated to use black eyeshadow. You are allowed to adjust the design according to your preferences and of course, according to the size and shape of your eye. Today I want to show you this amazing version of smoky eye makeup – it is soft, blended and the colors are flattering – perfect for the winter, when the light is extra bright, because of the white snow all around you. Take a look:

  • First of all, take care of the brows. I assume that you have just finished the application of the concealer, foundation and powder. Can you notice that the brows a little bit pale and they blend in with the skin (well, almost blend in with the skin). Use brow coloring kit to shape the brows, fill them in with color and highlight the brow bone.
  • After that simple enhancer, you are ready to start the eye makeup application. The first step requires a lid primer. You know very well that you can’t skip this step, because if you do so, your makeup won’t look flawless after a couple of hours. The primer holds the makeup not to smudge at the crease.
  • Then apply nude basic color all over the lid, up to the brow bone.
  • Use an angle brush and apply a brownish shadow to the outer corner. Pull the color to the crease while
  • blending it.
    With the help of a blending brush, create a barely noticeable shadow on the crease. Do the same to the bottom lid.
  • With a flat liner brush, apply the blue navy color to the outer half of the lash line and pull the line up and out to create a flick. Enhance the outer half of the lower lash line too.
  • Then use the blue shadow and blend it all over in thin layer in order to merge together all the colors.
  • Then highlight the inner corner of the eye and also the brow bone.
  • Finish the look with eye liner and mascara.
    All done!