Nice & Smooth Makeup For Romantic Date


I like the precise shapes. Which means that I like the precise makeup designs too, just like this one. Take a look:
A precise makeup means that you should take care of the whole facial makeup. You can make only perfect lips and keep the eyes smudgy and messy. Pay attention to the details. The details are those magical helpers, which are giving the finishing touch of the whole look.
Let’s get started with the eyes.

  • The whole area around the eyes must be well defined. That includes the brows and the under eye area. Unless you want a a gorgeous makeup applied next to dark under eye circles, you have to apply a concealer if needed. Those tired eyes are capable of ruining the whole look. So, before the layer of the foundation is applied, pat on some luminous concealer under the eyes. Blend in with finger (always use the ring finger as a tool for the under eye area) and cover it with foundation.
  • The next “around eyes definition” step requires the concealer again, because you will have to highlight the area around the brows after you shape them and fill them with the appropriate color.
  • Now I want to show you a little trick for your precise makeup design. Use a paper tape for the corner edges.
  • Stick the paper tape strip at the outer corner of the eye and start to apply the makeup.
  • Set a base with a pale beige shadow.
  • Then enhance the outer corner of the eye with pale brown eyeshadow.
  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye with luminous bright color.
  • Draw the eyeliner with a flat liner brush. The tape will work as a stencil.
  • Finish the makeup with a coat of mascara.

All done! You can see that this makeup is light, which means that it can be worn as a daily makeup and also, it is perfect for smaller eyes, because the colors and the delicate details of the makeup will make the eye look wide open and bigger.