No More Makeup for Your Brows


The trend of the big, bushy and bold brows is well known. It is not only well known, but it is also highly followed by all the girls I know and meet. The delicate moment with this trend is that not all girls have natural bold and bushy brows, which leads to shaping and coloring them. It is not a big deal, because we put makeup on our face anyway, so, it is not hard to maintain one more part of your face. I doubt that this is the problem with the brows, I think that the problem of the shaping and the coloring of the brows is to make it right.

It is a delicate moment because the brows are the frames of your face and if you put a beautiful painting into an ugly frame, or if you don’t put it in a frame at all. When you shape the brows and when you color them, you have to think about many factors – the type of your face, the shape and the size of your eyes, the color of your skin and the color of your hair. You have to match all these components into one well-working machine of beautiful look, proper makeup application without spending too much time on it.

And now we came to the actual problem – the time. The difficult thing about the brows shaping procedure is not that you can’t do it right, eventually you will learn how to do it, but the real deal is that you don’t have a minute more to spend on your morning prep procedure. The face, the eyes, the lips, the brows, the hair, the outfit. It is just too much to maintain for less than 30 minutes. That’s why there are alternative ways, permanent ways to take care of the brows. That’s how you will cut down from the prep time at least 3 minutes (and that’s for pros!). I know two permanent ways that will make you brows look absolutely natural:

  1. The first method is the feather tattooing of the brows. As you can guess, the tattooing is delicate and it imitates perfectly the hairs of the brows. The color can be adjusted to the personal needs of the client according to the natural color of the brows and the hair. It is a hand work and if you go to a specialist, who has good recommendations, you have to be calm about the whole procedure. The tattoo is permanent, so you have to make sure that it is the way you like it. Otherwise you will have to color the brows again in order to hide the bad choice you have made about the tattooing. So, be careful.
  1. The second method is the eyebrow extensions. It is similar to the lash extensions – synthetic hairs that are glued between the natural hairs of your brows. I think that this way will make you brows look more natural. The great thing about it is that you can choose the shape you want. Of course, you have to consider that shape according your face and colors as we mentioned earlier. The brows, hair extensions will last 3 weeks, which is less than forever, like the feather tattooing, but at least, you will be able to change something that you don’t like and also, 3 weeks is long enough. So, give it a shot!