Ombre Lips

best ombre lips guide

Red ombre lips

A woman can become very creative when she wants to win a man’s attention. She always thinks about plans and techniques to bring him close to you. She carefully considers her behavior around him, the way she laughs, the way she speaks and the way she moves her body. But that’s easy, once she gets to talk to you. The first step is really important – the look. You have to choose wisely your makeup style, the dress and the hairstyle. But I want to start with the makeup. Check out this idea:

Leave the eyes barely untouched by the shadows, but play a little bit more with the lips. Make them juice and desirable. Apply the Ombre effect, which became really famous during the summer. But now, made with darker colors, is still an absolute trend among every piece of your look. Why don’t you apply it to your lips too. They will appear juicy and fuller.

Just follow the steps:

  • Exfoliate the lips. Dry cuticles will ruin any kind of look you want to achieve, especially the one who requires a lot of dark lipstick on. You can mix in a small container a spoon of sugar and just a pinch of honey, in order to make a thick paste, then rub the lips with that paste.
  • Rinse off with water and apply immediately petroleum jelly or simple lip balm in order to moisturize the skin of the lips.
  • Then take your burgundy lip pencil and contour the lips with a thick line. Then take a brush or use your fingers to smudge the color to the center of the lips, be careful not to smudge the edges of the lips, they have to be precise.
  • As a finishing touch, cover the center of the lips with a lipstick that is one shade brighter than the lip pencil.
  • Highlight the area around the mouth in order to make it pop out even more and to cover any smudges from the dark color.
  • To finish the whole look, just apply a cat-eye liner and mascara and you will be ready to seduce him.

Ombre sassy lips

When you get bored with the casual, ordinary makeup, you have to try different styles and maybe you will find a design you like, and one that will match your style. Let’s talk about lipsticks.
If your skin complexion allows it, you definitely should try to apply dark colors on your lips. But keep in mind that: when it comes to red lipstick, every woman can wear it. This color has so many different shades that if you are persistent enough, you will find the right one for you.
So, today we will work with pink colors and we will create the Ombre effect. Take a look:

  1. Prepare the lips. In order to paint a great picture, you’ll need a flawless canvas. The same rule applies when you want to apply intense colors on your lips. The application of lip pencil is needed and this makeup product dries out the skin of the lips, which helps any dry cuticles to pop out and tease you all day. So, the preparation of the lips requires exfoliation and moisturizing. Use a lip scrub, bought from a beauty store, or make a homemade lip scrub. You will need only a pinch of honey and oatmeal/brown sugar. Mix the ingredients until you get a thick paste and rub with it the lips. Then rinse with lukewarm water and moisturize the area immediately.
  2. Give the moisturizer a few minutes before you move to the next step, in order to have deep moisturized lips. That’s how the soft skin will glow on your lips.
  3. Now take hot pink lip pencil and contour the lips. Be precise at the edges, define the cupid’s bow. Thicken the line and leave only the center area of the lips nude.
  4. Then apply a lipstick that is one shade lighter than the lip pencil. Apply it on the center of lips by covering just a little bit of the lip pencil. Then blend in with a lipstick brush or a finger.
  5. Highlight the outer edges of the lips to remove any smudges and mistakes and to make the lips pop out and you are ready with the Ombre effect of your lips.

Ombre peach lips

When you wonder how to enhance your look with makeup, you should follow some rules, which will guide you through the application of the makeup and these rules will help you achieve the best for your facial features.

First of all, you have to consider the type of the look that the occasion requires. Let’s talk about job interview or business meeting, where you will have to talk with people while being under bright light, which will reveal all your little flaws, that’s why you should take extra care for your look and makeup. Let’s discuss every part one by one:

  • First of all, you have to prepare the face. The night before the meeting, right before you go to bed, exfoliate the skin of the face and soften it with a moisturizer afterwards. This simple procedure will remove any dry skin and dirt, which will lead to smooth skin.

  • Then analyze the condition of your skin and you need to hide just a few blackheads, you’d better use a translucent powder or BB cream only to even the complexion of the skin, nothing more. But if you have redness, dark under eye circles and other skin issues, you’d better follow the whole procedure of concealer and foundation.

  • For business meeting (I include the job interview too) you have to make sure that your lips and eyes are flawless, because these are the places where the people in front of you will watch while you are talking. I recommend you to opt for a natural look – cat-eye liner, you can even smudge the edges a little bit, beige shadow and a coat of mascara.

  • You can enhance the lips when the eyes are slightly covered with makeup. Down below you will find an idea for soft, ombre lips, covered with peach color. You will need two different colors of lip pencils, a brush for the smudging and a concealer for the mistakes.