Reverse The Colors of Your Liner


There are different makeup designs for different purposes. Today I will show you how to lift up your hooded lids with an eye makeup design:

The trick is in  the colors, nothing else. For this makeup design you will need three colors – purple light shimmer, even lighter purple eyeliner or pencil and black pencil. The mascara is needed by default.

  • Apply primer to the lids. If you don’t have primer right now, you can always use your concealer, but after it absorbs into the skin, pat it with a tissue in order to remove the excess oils from the skin and the concealer, which are causing the smudging.
  • Then apply the purple shimmer all over the lid up to the crease. Use your finger to apply the color and then smudge and shape the edges with a blending brush.
  • Then apply the pale purple liner with thin liner brush. Trace the whole top lash line from the inner corner to the outer one. Don’t make a flick at the end.
  • Then trace the bottom lash line with black pencil and smudge it a little bit with a brush.
  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye with the purple liner.
  • Then apply a little bit of mascara.
  • You should know your eyes and how they handle the black color. For instance, my eyes are too small and when I apply black color on the bottom waterline they look almost closed. So, instead of the black color on the bottom waterline, I’ve applied nude pencil and the black color was covering only the bottom lash line.
  • Match this makeup with pink or nude lips. Remember to fill in the brows with color if they are too pale. Choose a hairstyle that will match the outfit and the occasion and go out and have fun!


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