Silver Makeup with Dovetail Liner


If you want to make a gorgeous and chic makeup design, you should rely on the eyeliner. If you manage to draw the right one, you will be able to enjoy this great result that you want. So, let me show you a step-by-step tutorial, which will help you master the following makeup techniques:

  • Preparing the lids for the makeup;

  • The smoky effect;

  • The application of the eyeliner;

  • Merging colors together;

  • Matching colors together;

  • Working with different tools for makeup application.

I know it sounds incredible to learn all these things from only one makeup design, but this makeup design is not simple at all, it requires all these skills. So, take a look at the steps and see how to master your makeup skills with a few tips:

  1. We have to start with the preparation step, which requires a primer. This simple product has the one and only mission to prevent the makeup from smudging, which makes it last longer.

  2. Now, when the lids are prepared, you have to apply the silver shadow. Put it right at the center of the lid with a round, flat brush.

  3. Then cover the outer corner of the lid with black shadow.

  4. Contour the crease and the inner corner of the eye with the black color as well.

  5. Then smudge the black color and soften the border between the black and the silver shadows.

  6. Now, you have to line the lash liner and the waterlines of the eyes (if the size allows it) with black color. Cover the waterlines with eye pencil and the lash lines with liquid liner. Draw a dovetail wing of the eyeliner.

  7. Finish the look wtih a coat of mascara on the both lashes – top and bottom.

  8. Apply a little bit of the silver color at the center of the bottom lid as well.

  9. Voila!

silver makeup fem face