Take Off Everything You Don’t Need


We all enjoy makeup and the way we look with it. WE love buying and trying new products and we stash it neatly.

But there are a few downs to everything connected to makeup – it is not easy at all to remove it. There are often struggles with waterproof mascara or glitter nail polish and stuff like that.

And we are all commoners to those struggles. Although we love our waterproof  mascara, we sometimes prefer the normal one, because let’s face it – it is easier!

So let’s learn a few tricks about how to remove everything we don’t need beauty wise.

Removing your makeup every day must be your highest priority. Take time with your makeup removing towelettes. Find the right makeup remover for you. Firstly lay it across your face for a couple of seconds and then with slow motions back and forth – do that until you are totally makeup free. Then wash your face gently. You can use a scrub for less than a minute, but not overdo it on anything like that.

Waterproof makeup is a heaven when you really need it for a special occasion, but it is hell when you have to take it off. You should have cotton balls that are designed to remove eye makeup and an eye makeup remover.

This will ease up your whole job. Use a gentle pressure to hold the cotton ball with some eye makeup remover against your eye for about 10 seconds. Wipe and repeat.

To remove the mascara from the underside lashes just repeat the process, but place the cotton ball under the eye. If there is anything left just swap from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

Then wash your face and that stubborn waterproof mascara will be gone!

After the waterproof mascara another are thing to remove from your eyes are the fake lashes. And you don’t want to wax your real ones when removing the fake. So again go to your eye makeup remover and massage a bit of it on a cotton ball onto te base of the strip of the fake lashes. That way the glue will loosen. Then start at the outer corner of the eye and start gently to peel the fakes lashes, but be careful – your real lashes shouldn’t come off too. Reshape the fake lashes and leave them to dry.

Most girls love glitter, especially on their nails. But if you do your own manicure you know how tricky and almost impossible it is to remove the glitter nail polish. To make it easier just completely saturate a cotton ball into acetone remover. Grab a cooking aluminum foil (if you don’t have it you can use elastic bands or even tape) and wrap the nails into strips of it.

Leave it like that for 5 minutes (or more if it is too hard of a nail polish) and then press down and remove the whole thing.

Did you enjoy the view of your whole glitter nail polish coming off?

I know I do!