The Best Version of You Without Any Makeup

Beautiful without makeup

Women tend to think that being beautiful is all about clothes and makeup. And probably sometimes we have to go to the extreme and make art on our faces.

But actually it is way tougher and time consuming to look good with makeup rather than without.

It is better if you forget about putting on those loads of makeup every day and just go out looking naturally. There are a few thing you could do to achieve that.

Taking good care of your face and skin is the key to looking amazing without any makeup and enjoying yourself to the fullest. There are some tricks you can apply to yourself, so that you achieve the perfect skin.

Use micellar and thermal water

Once you start using those two you will swear by them. In the mornings you probably try to wake up yourself by cold water. But a better idea is to applies micellar solution. Put it on a cotton ball and  apply in the face. Then spray some thermal water all over your face. This will for sure make you feel more awake and relaxed in the same time.

Using this method when you wake up is definitely a great way to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Since water from the tap contains too much chalk it dries out the skin and that I guess is something you don’t want. So it is probably time to change your routine.

Vaseline instead of mascara

It may sound ridiculous, but it actually works. Vaseline is good for your lips, eyelids, skin and as it turns out – eyelashes.

So before going to bed or in the morning (or both) apply a small amount of vaseline on your eyelashes. This will make them look shinier and darker, which will give the illusion of glowing eyes and longer lashes.

A trick you can to also at night to make your eyelashes grow faster and longer is to apply castrol oil. Use a cotton swab to apply it.

Cocoa butter for the lips

Most of the lip balms include heavy chemicals. They make your lips seem shinier and bigger for a while. But then no effect of the whole thing.

Once you start using a cocoa butter you will never go back to the chemical filled lip balms. Apply it heavily on the lips and you will feel softness for hours. Also this assures the you won’t get any crack during the cold seasons.

Cocoa butter could easily be found in the pharmacies and also it doesn’t cost a fortune. Also the smell is heaven!