The Importance Of The Brows

black mascara blonde hair

You would ask: why is it so important to color your brows?

Well, it is pretty clear why you need to shape and color your brows when you simply see the picture down below.

It is obvious that the brows are too pale and thin to match the bold liner. Sometimes it is OK to skip the coloring of the brows, but that’s the time when you are not wearing any makeup. But the application of the covering products, like foundation and powder, cover a little bit the brows and they look even smaller than they already are. Especially when the eye makeup is bold and intense.

Don’t worry, you can always color your brows in a natural-looking way. Take a look at the tutorial down below and you will see how easy it is:

  •    The first step is to line the desired shape with a brow pencil. Use soft pencil, the same color as your hair. Define the shape according to your face. If it is round and short, you can make a high arch, but if it is long or square, make the arch soft and flat.
  •    When the shape is lined and ready, you should take care of the hairs that are out of that shape – pluck them out with tweezers.
  •    Then fill in the brows with proper color and use angled and flat brush, because it will create natural-looking texture of the brows.
  •   Smudge the edges a little bit with a brush in order to achieve a texture that looks as natural as it is possible.
  • Secure the color with a transparent brow gel.
  •    Then highlight the brow bone with a concealer. This will remove any smudges or mistakes.

All done!

Now you can enjoy the great makeup of your eyes, which is flattered by these perfect brows!