Tutorial For Bold Smoky Cat-eye Lids


Your daily makeup is plain and all-the-same every single day. If you work in an office, you are obligated to look into a certain way, which doesn’t allow you to improvise with interesting and daring hairstyles, nail decorations, clothes and even makeup designs.

Fortunately, we have our Friday and Saturday nights when we can experiment with new looks, designs and ideas. Today I want to show you a makeup design which responds to all characteristics, counted above. It is the Smoky Cat-eye Liner. Take a look at the steps and if you are brave enough (and if the size of your eyes allows it) you can follow them one by one in order yo achieve the desired look. Here we go:

  • You should start with two steps which are not closely connected with the application of the makeup design. They are more like additional details, which help the final result to look better. First, shape and fill in the brows with color. You must frame the upcoming masterpiece – the liner. Then, prepare the lids with a primer and basic color – nude, matte shadow for the lids to even out the skin tone.

  • And when these prep-steps are finished you can reach for the brush and the liner container. For this application you will need angled brush and gel black liner. Dip the tip of the brush into the liner container and draw some strokes in order to guideline the whole makeup design. First, draw a thin line as an extension of the bottom lash line, then draw a curved line alongside the crease, but below it.

  • Then fill in the empty spaces.

  • Wait a few seconds until the liner thickens and smudge the outer corner of the liner with a brush.

  • Then apply white or nude pencil at the bottom waterline and below the flick of the liner.

  • Finish the look with faux lashes.