What Kind of Shoes to Wear According to Your Body Type

Shoes for tall women

There are people who say that a woman’s closet is never big enough to store all shoes that she has. Well, in some or even most cases this is true.

A woman can never have just one pair of shoes, it is somehow impossible, because you will also need a few pairs of shoes for the different seasons. If you, however, want to have a pair of shoes that will complement your body and will make you feel even sexier, here is which pairs of shoes will do the job.

Best shoes for tall women

best shoes for a tall womanSome women, who are very tall are afraid that they will be taller than their boyfriends, so they avoid choosing high heels. But why to wear only flats, you can wear also high heels which will make your body even taller and more gracious.

And if you do not want to be much taller than the people around you, you can absolutely wear 3.5 cm heels.

They are not very tall and you will be comfortable wearing them, especially if you are not used to wearing high heels.

Shoes in the traditional black color will look great on you, especially if you match them with a pen skirt right to your knees and a chiffon shirt. Adding a cute, small shoulder bag to the set will give you a complete look.

And if you want to have also a flat pair of shoes for the summer, the perfect shoes for you will be a pair of gladiator sandals, which will look great on your beautiful long legs, when you tie them around your calves.

Match them with a short dress, or a loose white shirt and a pair of denim shorts and you will be ready to rock.

Best shoes for short women

Some women think that they have disadvantage because of their height, but this is not exactly true. You can wear high heels, which will make you longer and slimmer, and you will not be taller than your boyfriend, which is another advantage.

Best shoes for short womenBut you also have to be careful what kind of high heels you will get. Here are your options. You will look great in 7 cm high-heels where your toes and heel can be seen. Try not to wear too high high-heels because you won’t feel comfortable in them, no matter whether you are going to work, or to a club.

In the summer, you can match the shoes with a long dress in empire style, because it will flat sandals short womancomplement your body, it will make you look longer and slimmer, which is one of the biggest dreams some short girls have.

Choose a more colorful dress to match it with this warm season. If you are somewhere on vacation and you want to have a pair of comfortable shoes you can wear when at the beach, choose either a pair of flat sandals or with a pair of platforms, they will make you look taller and are extremely popular this season.

You can also choose a pair of shoes with fringes with a matching shoulder bag. They will add something to the elongating effect.

Best shoes for curvy women

We love curves and you should love them too. And just so you know, men like them too.

So, you should choose such shoes that will complement your curves and will make them even more voluptuous and luscious. To to this, try a pair of medium-high high-heels, with square-shape heels.

What better way to accentuate curves, than something completely opposite, like a square?

When you get the shoes, you will need an outfit that will match them. In the summer you can definitely choose a pair of flared pants which you can match with a loose shirt that will keep you cool in the hot summer days.

As for the colors, you will look great in white, quite professional and still a nice summer color. Of course, if you are afraid that your curves will get the better of you, you can always switch to darker colors, but it is not recommended to do this in the summer. Summer colors are brighter and joyful. Which also means that a nice and long floral print dress will look great on you.