What Your Hairstyle Says About You

What is your personality according to your bun

As with many things in our lives, like our color, food, style, and makeup preferences, our favorite hairstyle is one of the things that reveal part of our personality. It is not only what hairstyle looks good on us according to the shape of our face or our height, we have to feel comfortable in it, otherwise all of the charm will go away.

Now you will no longer wonder why your mother or your best friend like a certain kind of hairstyle that you cannot stand – you have just different personalities, no matter how close to each other you are.

If you are curious to find out what your hairstyle reveals about you, here is a list of the different ways women have their hair.

Different ways to part your hair

Central part

Some people think that a part right in the center of their head is out of fashion, but as you know nothing is gone for good when we talk about fashion trends. A central hair part is actually very much in fashion nowadays, for which you can be sure about by looking of some celebrities who have such hairstyles. If this is how you feel most comfortable, then this means that you are a very open person.

As you have a balance in your hairstyle, dividing your hair in two equal sides, the same way you want to have a balance in your life. You want all the people around you to like you, but sometimes this gets in your way, because trying to remain in the middle sometimes means that you do not belong anywhere.

However, you are a very good person and would always help people in need, no matter whether you know them or not, and you do not expect anything in return.

Parting your hair right side

Some women have no idea where their part is. They are well aware that it is a side one, but

they have never really thought about which of the two sides it is – right or left one.

Well, if you are one of these women, you’d better find out. Look yourself in the mirror with both left and right part. Which one you intuitively tried first? Well, this may be your part. And if you are a right side part-er, then you can best be described with just a single word and this is “empathy”.

These women would start crying when they hear some sad news, not only about their family or friends, but also about people they do not know. Most of the times they cry when they are watching a drama, even if they know nothing of it was real. They are quite emotional in every aspect of their lives. Most of the times they do what other people think is right for them, and not what they really want, which is one more thing that makes them miserable without even realizing it completely.

Left side part

If after the small side revealing test you have found that you usually part your hair to the left, then congratulations, this means that you are the perfect example of a successful woman. There are a lot of things other women can envy you about. You are beautiful, smart and determined to climb the ladder of success without having to flirt with your boss. You are the perfect representation of the business woman.

Of course, everything in our life has its price. With all these sleepless night at the office you barely have any free time for yourself, to take a break and fully relax.

And there is another very serious problem, when you find the right man for you, will you be able to keep him, and not to scare him, because you won’t have enough time for him?


When some women want to change their hairstyle, but the change not to be too big, they prefer not to have a part, but instead to have bangs.

Other women, however, have different things in mind when they decide to have bangs, like the desire to hide their big forehead, or their eyebrows because they do not like waxing or they are just waiting for the brows to grow out again.

If you are in love with your bangs, then you are a very happy person, you like smiling a lot. You also prefer to look from the bright side of the situation and to stay positive. Of course, this does not mean that you won’t argue when your have to stand for yourself.

No part in your hair

There are some women who change their hairstyles – from side parts to no parts. This means that something have triggered this change, like losing a loved one, or breaking with their boyfriend.

Whatever the reason for this, it still means that an eternal change took place. If you have switched from side to no part, for example, or you have always been with no part, then you do not like stereotypes, especially being considered as one. You prefer to be spontaneous when taking decisions. If you want, you can quit your job for a day and go exploring mountains or desserts without thinking of the consequences.

A lot of people envy your way of living, because they can never guess what happens in your mind.