How to Grow in Your Eyebrows


Let’s be honest, everyone has made brow-shaping mistakes. The worse thing is that you pull one hair and the whole shape of your brows is ruined. Some of us, well, I know of a girl, have this strange habit – they love to pluck their brows when they are nervous. When they realize what they have done, it is too late and they have to wait for their brows to grow back. When you feel ashamed of your brows, however, it is not such a fun to wait. So, if you happen to have such problems with your eyebrows and you cannot wait for them to grow back, here is what you can do.

Grow your eyebrows in a row

Eyebrows grow at a different speed. With some people it make take longer time. Just remember to be patient. One of the rules you can follow is growing your brows in a row. This means that you should not stop waxing your brows. Just decide where you want your brows to be exactly and continue to pluck any hairs that show up below it.


The next thing you can try is exfoliation. This technique will not only make your brows grow quickly, but will also help you remove the dead skin cells. How does it work? Exfoliating on that area stimulates circulation which stimulates hair growth. Use a facial brush or a scrub and rub in gently and circular movements. Do this at least a couple of times a week.

Use a serum

There are special serums that stimulate the growth of the brows. You can also use eyelash serum, it will do the same thing because they both stimulate hair growth. You can find them in every drug store and they are fairly cheap.

Apply oils

Oil such as coconut, castor and olive oil also stimulate the hair growth. You probably have heard that you may use them if you want to have a stronger hair. Well, the same goes for your brows. Apply one of these oil on your brows and massage it for a couple of minutes every day. You can leave it for the night and in the morning rinse off with warm water.

Take your vitamins

You probably have heard that you are what you eat. If you consume the right products then you will be in a good shape, and your brows will be great. Make sure you take enough iron, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and Vitamin B. If these ingredients are not part of your daily diet, change it immediately.

Fill in your brows

While you are waiting for your brows to grow back, you can fill them in. This will not make them grow faster, but at least you will get used to your new look faster and, of course, it will hide your lack of brows at the moment.