Worst Things You Can Do to Your Skin

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Our skin is our largest organ, but it is so revealed and naked at times, that it is exposed to many dangers.

The paradox is that one of the main dangers is indeed what we, ourselves, can do to it.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget about the danger we can pose to the health of our face and do stupid things. Take a look at the list of the worst things you can do to your skin:

You need to forget about picking your pimples, even if they drive you crazy!

You are not a cosmetician or a dermatologist, so there is a great chance that you do something wrong. Unfortunately, you either need to wait for a visit to a professional or… just dry it out with a good product. Picking can leave you with scars and the permanent effects are very unpleasant. If you press blemishes, you might actually increase the irritation of the skin and face awful consequences.

Another mistake you might make is to use the same products during the whole year.

Different seasons require changes in your skincare routine. During the winter you need to focus on hydration and products with strong moisturizing properties. As the transition to spring starts, you need to put an emphasis on deep pore cleaning and exfoliation since the dryness of the skin during the winter has to be battled.

Summer requires strong protection from the harmful sun, so look for products with high SPF. Also, what you use throughout the summer should be lighter because of the high humidity in the air. Last, as fall comes, you need to increase exfoliation in order to repair the skin from any sun damage it might have encountered.

The most obvious dangerous habit is smoking. It can cause dullness and fasten the aging process, so if you are a smoker, you really need to re-evaluate your lifestyle because soon it might show on your face!

Regular cleansing and removing makeup every night is one thing; however, you can harm your skin if you clean it too much. If you use too many cleansing products at the same time, you can dry out your skin severely, causing it to be more prone to irritation and cracking and redness. You do not need to clean your face with strong products every morning and evening: sometimes just water is fine. Besides, try to use creams and serums with strong moisturizing properties in order to prevent it from drying your skin out.

The same goes for exfoliating: do not strip your skin of too much of what it already has. Exfoliating once a week is probably enough, especially if you have sensitive skin. Of course, make sure you hydrate it on a daily basis!

Last but not least, do not neglect your skincare routine. Remember that each step is valuable, so identify your skin type ASAP and look for the products that fit your needs. Do not skip on removing makeup each evening and remember that daily moisturizing is a must!