10 Must Haves For This Season

pretty girl winter

Every winter different trends are set. Some things never expire and you can’t live through the winter without them. But there are things you can get every season to upgrade your winter wardrobe and feel amazing in.

This season there are a couple of new types of clothes you can get for yourself, rather than only shop for presents for all your friends and relatives.


We all know that a fashion lover can’t go without a bold leather jacket. Especially if he/she is a biker. But this winter why not to layer up those leather goods all over.

We love leather pants and leggings. It depends on your style but a leather pant, combined with your favorite sweater or a bold men shirt and heel will make you look so dope, you can’t imagine.

Just keep in mind that you don’t have to overdo it, because you might start looking like the Cat-woman.

Oxblood red

This is a color that looks gorgeous both on pale or tanned women. It always compliments the skin and no matter what color are your eyes it makes them pop.

The best thing besides fashion in the winter is the red wine. So why not wear some clothes in a color that reminds you of that elixir. Stores are filled with clothes in oxblood red and we love it – dresses, skirts, pants, hats.

Also, why don’t you get a lipstick in that color?

For an all black outfit it will make you stand out in the crowds.

Fur coats

If you don’t own one statement coat of those, probably your mom or grandmother has one. It is something that last over the years if it the real deal.

No matter long, short, sleeveless it will up your look and it will most definitely keep you warm!

Depending on what you like you can choose different types of fur and lengths. Combine it with the right boots and be flawless.

Sexy jumpsuits

A sexy jumpsuit is the perfect outfit decision for the winter holiday season.

You can choose a long one that is backless and you will steal the looks most definitely. Also a romper is a great idea, especially if you have gorgeous legs. Black is always a good idea. It will make you appear thinner and taller.


Scarfs that can be used for cover ups? Yes!

Ponchos in ethnic print? Yes!

Cardigans? Yes!

We say ‘yes’ to everything that is in an ethnic print and bold. Colors like mustard, brown,nude, red, grey or purple are the perfect ones for that. Though this season some great ponchos and cardigans in black and white ethnic motives have popped up in the shops. So choose the right motive and colors for you.

High wasted skirts

The sixties are back on trend. Those skirts are a saving grace for loads of women, because they look good on almost everyone.

Those skirts are stylish and can be combined with loads of stuff. Depending on how tall you are, you can choose from many lengths. A great combination for that kind of skirt is the fedora hat and most definitely the leather jacket.

Boyfriend jeans

They have been on trend for a while now, but through the winter it will change up normal way you look.

And one more pair can’t hurt anybody,  right?

For the cold weather you can combine them not with sneakers, but with ankle boots with a thick heel. Or you can copy Rihanna’s favorite outfit and wear them boyfriends jeans with some timberland boots.

Also a great idea is a coat in a natural color, that defines well you figure. Wear it unbuttoned and rock those jeans.

The party top

Since it is already the holiday season it is also the party season. In winter though there is slight difference in what you wear to a party. In the summer you just put on a great dress and there you go.

But in the cold weather a dress isn’t always the best idea. So get a great party top, that will make you feel festive and gorgeous. It can be backless or a see through one. Also some sparkle wouldn’t hurt.

Combine it with your best pair of black jeans and some heels and there you go!

The beanie

The beanies are always a winter must have! But those last months they have been in all fashionistas wardrobes more and more. Last fashion week we noticed a trend where the pantsuit was paired with neon colored beanies.

The styles that those hats have are endless. There are some bold colors, hats with quotes, with years and loads more. Go get yours!

Cashmere sweater

The cashmere sweater is always a must. No matter how many you have you always need one more. If you don’t have any, start out with the basics – black, nude, navy. If you already own those, this year go for a bold color like red, green or purple.

Combine a red one with some black pants or the other trend we already walked about – leather pants.

If you are into turtle necks they are making their way back into fashion, so why not try out that?