Best match for your eyes color

Colors for brown eyes

Best eyeshadows for brown eyes

The brown colored eyes are not so difficult to be matched with different colors. Recently, I started to apply makeup on other people, except for mine, and I think that soon I will sign up into a class for makeup artists. And when I learn something new, I will share it with you, girls.

So, today I want to show you how to flatter brown colored eyes the best possible way. We will talk about colors, undertones and even eye shapes.

Let’s start with the best shadows, which flatter the brown colors:

The first great color that comes in my mind is the cobalt shadow. It creates beautiful when applied on the lids. You shouldn’t hesitate, because it will look great both on dark and light skin complexions.

The green color is the best match for the brown eyes, this is a well-known fact, but I want you to try the greenish gold shadow. It is a great match for a party look and the greenish hues of the golden shimmer will open up your dark eyes.

Copper is also good deal when we talk about brown colored eyes. It is warm and neutral color – perfect for your office makeup.

And one of my favorites – pure golden shadow. You will look like Cleopatra, while wearing this fancy color. And if you match it with black liner, you will rock the whole look. Down below you will find a great tutorial for golden makeup on brown colors. Take a look at the steps:

  1. Prepare the lids with a primer.

  2. Then apply black base all over the lids.

  3. Top this base with the golden shimmer.

  4. Smudge the edges.

  5. Reapply until you get the most satisfying coverage of the golden shadow.

  6. Finish the look with liner and mascara.

Best eyeshadows for green eyes

perfect eyeshadowsEvery makeup design, that is different from simple eyeliner, must be flattered by bold and beautiful eyebrows. Well, this is only recommended for girls with thin, short and pale brows. But sometimes even the thick, long and dark brows need a beauty procedure, which requires tweezers and highlighter for the brow bone.

So, today I am showing you a tutorial for beautiful makeup design, which is extremely flattering for green eyes, but the brown ones will look great with it too. So, take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to flatter your eyes with this makeup design:

  • Prepare the lids with a primer. This is the only thing that will prevent the makeup from smudging and gathering at the crease. Well, I just lied you. There is another product that can contribute to the long lasting makeup and that’s the setting spray. If you use both of the products, before and after the makeup application, it will stay on your eyes all night long.

  • The first step of the makeup application is to apply a base – one shade darker than your natural color of the skin. Apply it only at the outer half of the lid. Smudge the edges.

  • Then apply the black color, which will bring intense look of the design. Apply it at the center of the lid and spread it all over with flat, round brush.

  • Now enhance the bottom lid (but leave the waterline nude) with the black color. Use a shadow and apply it with a flat, angled brush.

  • Now comes the turn for the detail that is inspired by the green colors of your eyes – the pastel yellow shadow. Apply it all over the bottom lid with thin, liner brush. Don’t cover the black line fully.

  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone.

  • Finish the look with cat-eye liner and mascara.

Enjoy the look!

Best eyeshadows for colorful eyes

beautiful makeupIf you have colorful eyes, you must learn how to choose the right colors for them. The most logical suggestion is to copy the color of your eyes and transfer it to the lids, but I think that the most challenging designs are those where the color doesn’t copy perfectly the color of the eyes.

There are a few factors that must be considered when you are choosing the colors for your eye makeup:

  • Your skin complexion;
  • The hair color;
  • The skin undertones;
  • The outfit;
  • The lip color.

If the colors match all these parts, you can easily create the design. And remember, it is not absolutely necessary to copy the color of your eyes for the makeup.

Take as an example the tutorial down below. You can easily see that the eyes are green, but the makeup colors are closer to the blue palette and yet, the result looks great. The reason for this is that the colors of the makeup match the skin complexion, which is light and it is a well known fact that the lighter skin looks better when it is flatter by cool hues, like silver, blue, purple and white.

So, if you like this makeup design follow the steps one by one and create it all by yourself:

  • Prepare the lids with a primer. It will hold the shadows right in place.
  • Then draw a thick black liner on the top lash line, but don’t draw a flick at the outer corner of the eye.
  • Smudge the line a little bit with a brush.
  • Then trace the bottom waterline with the black pencil too.
  • Highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.
  • Cover the outer corner of the eye with blue navy shadow and smudge with a brush.
  • Cover the lid with turquoise color and smudge the edges.
  • Use a big brush to merge the colors together.
  • Enhance the bottom lash line with the bright colors as well.
  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara.


Best eyeshadows for bright eyes

how to get rid of puffy eyesIf you have light colored eyes, you must flatter them with the appropriate makeup design. I found something and I want to show it to you. Check it out, you will look like a Barbie doll:

If you want to make it right, you have to do it properly, step by step.

Start with a moisturizing cream on the face. Then apply primer. Wait a few minutes until the primer absorbs into the skin.

Then apply a covering product, which is light and blends fully into the skin. If you don’t have any serious problem with the skin, you’d better apply some kind of BB cream.

Then outline the shape of the brow and fill in with appropriate color. Use smaller liner brush for the contouring and bigger one for the filling. Comb the eyebrow with a clean mascara wand in order to remove any excess color. That’s how the brow will look more natural. Move a little bit further away from the mirror and look at your face. Do you see how much better you look with bold brows – they are framing the face. That’s the finishing touch of a perfect makeup – flatter your features with the shape and the color of your brows.

 Now comes the real fun – the application of the eyeshadows.

  • First, highlight the brow bone with a light concealer or some other highlighter.
  • Then apply all over the lid a white or light gray matte eyeshadow. Cover the whole lid, all the way up to the brow bone and to the inner corner of the lid.
  • Then make a parallel curved line to the crease, just above it. For that line, use black and gold colors. Blend in.
  • Then trace the bottom waterline with white eye pencil. Cover it well. You can apply a little trick first in order to secure the color to stick nicely to that slippery area – dry  the waterline carefully with a cotton swab and then draw the line with the pencil.
  • Then make a regular cat-eye liner and apply a thick coat of mascara.
  • Keep the lips nude, soft and pink.

Enjoy the results!