Classic Smoky Lids

Smoky eyelids

Every girl should know how to put makeup on her face. I’m not talking about complicated designs, I just want you to be able to prepare a proper makeup for the different occasions in order to bring the best look of your face without the need of a professional help. So, today I will show you a step by step tutorial which will teach you how to apply the most popular makeup design – the Smoky lids. Take a look and grab the brush:

Classic Smoky Lids

  1. First of all, you have to prepare the skin with a good base. You have to know your skin and choose the proper products for it. If you need full coverage, you must moisturize and primer the skin before you apply the foundation. But if you use a translucent foundation or a BB cream, there is no need of moisturizing, because the product contains moisturizing properties itself.Classic smoky eyes
  2. Then you can brush the T-zone with a mineral, matte powder in order to absorb the skin oils and the foundation oils.
  3. After all these covering layers, your brows must be pale. Which means that you have to bring the color back. Use a flat brush and an old mascara wand to apply the colors properly in a way that the brows will look natural and soft.
  4. Then move to the lids. First of all, apply primer. It will hold the shadows right were you’ve put them.
  5. Then line the lash lines with soft, black eye pencil.
  6. Enhance the crease with a brown shadow.
  7. Then soften the edges with a blending brush in order to create the smoky effect.
  8. Finish the look with a coat of mascara.
  9. Match this eye makeup with nude lips.

All done!

Bold Smoky Lids

Bold smoky eye makeupIf you are new to the world of the makeup, you have to learn the basic rules, which will guide you while you gather experience and skills about makeup application. One of the most applied makeup design is the Smoky effect. It is a base on which you will be able to build up more skills.

The traditional smoky makeup is made with black shadow and liner, but eventually, after you master the skill of applying smoky makeup, you will be able to adjust it according to the situation, your outfit, the shape and size of your eyes and more importantly, to your mood. So, let’s get started with your first Smoky makeup application. You will need:

  • Brow shaping and coloring kit;

  • Lid primer;

  • Beige eyeshadow (for the base);

  • Concealer or some kind of highlighter;

  • Black shadow or kohl pencil;

  • Application brush;

  • Blending brush;

  • Flat brush;

  • Black mascara;

  • Faux lashes (optional);

  • Clean mascara wand.

First of all, start with the shaping of the eyebrows. You can’t apply harsh and bold lid makeup and leave the brows pale and fading. So, outline the desired shape of the brow with a pencil or flat brush. Then fill in the created shape with the proper color. Brush the brow with the clean mascara wand to remove any excess color. Highlight the area around the brow with the concealer. Blend in. Soften the lower edge of the brow with a cotton swab or clean brush – just a little bit, this will make the brow look more natural.

  1. Then apply primer to the lids. The function of the primer is all practical – it prevents smudging and creasing, the makeup will stay right where you’ve put it.
  2. Then cover the lid with the kohl pencil and smudge it up and out with a blending brush.
  3. Highlight the brow bone with the beige matte shadow.
  4. Enhance the bottom lid too, and contour the bottom waterline with black pencil.
  5. Apply mascara or faux lashes (it is optional).
  6. All done! Now that you have the basic skills, you can upgrade them with different designs and look. Enjoy!

Smoky Intense Lids

I’m not great at applying makeup on my face and that’s the reason why I search for different tricks, which will ease my work and  they will help me to wear my favorite makeup designs. Besides the skills of applying makeup properly, there is another issue that bothers a lot of girls and that’s the type and the size of the eyes and if  the makeup design will match a certain eye type and size. This is something that you have to think about. So, analyze your eyes:

  • The shape – Almond, Round, Narrow, Circle, Hooded lids and other, but I don’t know them.

  • The size – small, big. 

The following makeup design can be applied to big, round or almond eyes. But if you have small and narrow eyes, you can adjust the makeup according to your eyes by changing the colors.  You know that the traditional Smoky eye makeup design is made with black eyeshadow and black liner. But for smaller eyes, use brighter colors and apply nude eye pencil at the bottom waterline, this little trick will change the look of your eye generally.

Let’s see how to make the traditional Smoky makeup and then, after you know the technique, you will be able to improvise with  your favorite and most appropriate for your eyes, colors:

  1. Shape the brows and apply primer to the lids. These two steps must be done every single time you want to enhance your lids with more than just an eye pencil.
  2. Then cover the lid with black shadow. Trace the bottom lash line too.
  3. Then use a business card to make the flick at the outer corner sharp and precise.
  4. Start smudging the edges with a small blending brush.
  5. Highlight the brow bone with concealer or bright matte eyeshadow.
  6. Apply eyeliner, cover the bottom waterline and apply mascara to the lashes.

Look in the mirror. Gorgeous, right?