How to Find the Perfect Lip Color For You


Isn’t it funny how little girls are in a hurry to grow up and put on their mom’s lipstick so they can look like them. But when they grow up they are other factors that influence their decision to wear or not to wear lipstick. A lot of women do not put lipstick but just a lip balm, for example. The reason for this is they think lipstick does not look well on them, they lips are either too thin or too big for a color different from nude. However, the secret is to know which lipstick goes well on you. Here is how to find out.

Here is a little trick you can try. When you choose a lipstick, pick a color one to two shades deeper than your natural lips. If it is makeup for everyday do not put on too dark tones, after all the 90s have passed and dark brown lipstick is not in fashion any more.

Finding the perfect lip color for you is like finding the perfect nail polish – it depends on your undertone. There are 4 types of skin tone: fair, medium, olive and dark. You need to know whether your skin is warm or cold. If your skin is fair with warm undertones then the right shades for you are coral reds or dark reds, you should definitely go for pink.

If you have a medium skin tone, you can stick again to pink and red shades, like brick red and cranberry shades. These hues are darker that the hues for fair skin, as the skin is darker itself. You see how the lipstick colors go along with skin tones.

If your skin is olive or tanned and you have brown, green or hazel eyes, then the best lipstick hues for you are the ones with gold flecks at they will make your lips pop in a good way and will be complementary on your skin tone.

If, on the other hand, your undertone is cool, you should choose a different type of lipstick. Cool tones are blue/red, mauvre and silvery colors. If your hair is blond or dark and you have pale skin with blue or green eyes then the right colors for you are coral, red, fuchsia and bright pink. They with make your skin warmer.

Another thing you should learn is how to match your lipstick color with your outfit. Some people think that they should match every color they have on, if they are wearing pink, they put on pink lipstick. Don’t do that! You don’t need to have only one color on you. Contrasts are everything sometimes, so be careful.