The Little Blush Guide


From a young age girls start to explore makeup and they experiment a lot (sometimes even more than they should!). Usually, the first products that we start using are eye makeup ones: black mascara and eyeliner, maybe a little eyeshadow. Also, we begin applying lip glosses before we get to the heavy artillery: lipstick and lip liner. However, when it comes to face makeup products, the confusion gets a little too much. We have seen lots of examples of girls who have not chosen the right shade of foundation or have applied it unevenly and look terrible. Another common mistake is the highlighting and contouring system that has become hugely popular lately: however, it is not as easy as it looks on the pictures!

Today we will give you a short introduction to one of the most underestimated makeup products: the blusher. Yes, it can easily make you look like you belong in a circus if you apply it wrong. However, if you know what you are doing, you can end up with a healthy, pretty glow on your cheeks and even though it is not highly noticeable, it changes your appearance quite a lot. It is a common mistake to think it looks weird: it can look very natural and beautiful!
Women usually start their makeup routine with foundation, BB cream or whatever face base they are using to even the skin tone of their face. These products make the skin look as close to flawless as possible, but it can also cause it to look flat and dull. That happens because the more eminent parts of your face usually are slightly darker and get a little more sun over there: cheeks are exactly one of those places. Blusher can help you enhance them and add a little expression to your cheek bones. Do not skip the blusher step especially if you are being photographed!

The application of blusher is the hardest part. You need a big soft brush to spread it evenly. It does not matter if you are using a cream, powder or pearl blush or whether it is in a compact or stick form, or matt or with shimmers in it: it depends most of all on your personal taste. Take a little of the product with the brush and do not apply too much pressure when applying it to your skin. The direction of application should be from the outside end of your nose towards your temple. Do not draw a concrete line: it should be well blended, so it looks natural. You can apply a little powder on it afterwards to tame the color.
Now here is a relative color guide for the blusher:

  • Peachy nuances are best for warm types with light or brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Pink shades work well for cold types with light eyes, black or icy blond hair.
  • Brownish or bronze colors are best for the darker girls.

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